So i have bought some KRK RP6 G3 speakers but i need a good audio interface for it. But i don't want play music on my PC all time, for example if i got a good track send trough via WhatsApp i want to listen it on my speakers, is that possible to connect my phone to my audio interface to play it on my speakers?

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It depends a lot on what your interface supports, but the key point is that the headphone output on your phone is 1/8" stereo line level; for the most part what you'll need is a cable that has one end of that format, and the other end(s) of a format compatible with your interface.

Most likely you are looking for a 1/8" stereo to two 1/4" mono cable: enter image description here

then you can send the audio signal from your phone into two of the inputs of your audio interface (I'm assuming it's multi-channel) and that will pass it on to your speakers (there are similar cables that sum the 1/8" stereo to 1/4" mono if you only have a single input).

If you want to do this you can infer some things you want in your interface:

  1. It needs multiple (1/4") inputs,
  2. It needs to be configurable so that a pair of those inputs get passed through as a stereo signal to the monitors (I think that this is pretty standard, it's just something to check).
  3. It needs to support "direct" monitoring -- a mode where the input signals are transmitted directly to the outputs without having to go through the computer so that you don't have to have your computer involved when you are just trying to hear a tune off your phone (again, I think this is pretty standard, but worth verifying).

Note that monitors are designed differently than general listening speakers.

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