1) I am using Sibelius version 7.5. My first aim is to transform every 4/4's bar into a 4/2's bar with a whole note rest at the end of every measure in the score.

enter image description here

2) My second aim is to replace every whole rest (at the end of every measure) with quarter notes from the other Sibelius file, which is called "Modal Functions"

enter image description here

3) The mistake that i get when i select bars 1-16 (home–> select bars–> end of score) and change time signature from 4/4's to 4/2's (notations–> time signature) is that all the notes end up in one bar, since i specifically only aim to change the key signature (of every 4/4's bar) to 4/2's and to leave a whole rest after the first four quarter notes in every measure.

After that i am unclear about what goes after the process of changing time signatures while later inputting quarter notes from the other Sibelius file into the 4/2's measure endings (whole rests).

Postscript: i don't want to take the time to do it by hand (on bar after another bar) for the reason that it consumes time and i have a lot of other Sibelius files unsorted.

Also, it wouldn't matter for me if the chord symbol above the staff does not copy itself.

An easier method below suggested would be very appreciating.

  • Another postscript: The third photo i could not upload, for the reason that i don't have 10 reputation.
    – Capperes
    Jul 17, 2016 at 18:18
  • I suggest asking this on the Sibelius forum sibelius.com/cgi-bin/helpcenter/chat/chat.pl?groupid=3. There are people there who have used Sibelius professionally for years, and who will probably never see this question on SE.
    – user19146
    Jul 17, 2016 at 21:53

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You will have to do this bar-by bar, but it won't be as laborious as you might fear.

No need to create the empty bars first. Open both scores alongside each other. System-select a bar from the second score. Ctrl-C to Copy it. Paste it into the appropriate position in the first score. As it's a System selection it will be inserted rather than replacing the existing bar.

Once you get into the rhythm, this will be very fast.

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