I'm talking about things like the Pogues "Fairy Tale of New York", an upbeat song with bitter lyrics like

Happy Christmas your arse / I pray God it's our last

Is there a technical term or collective name for songs where the emotion indicated by the music is at odds with the emotion indicated by the lyrics?

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Lyrical dissonance or agathocacological

  • Good answer. A minor technical point on spelling - i.e., agathokakological . I only know this because I had to look up the definition.
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There may be a term specific to the realm of music that I'm not aware of. Barring that, the first term that comes to mind is incongruous. It refers to a lack of consistency or harmony.

You could use the same word to describe a man wearing sweat pants to a black tie affair, or the sight of chicken fingers on a fancy French menu.

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I think ironic would be appropriate; perhaps qualified "musically ironic"?

In standard music terminology, perhaps "scherzando" (It. in a jesting manner)?

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