I recently purchased the Neumann TLM 49 alongside the RME Fireface 802. Now that I have reasonable audio equipment, I want to become a little more professional in terms of mixing, mastering and processing the input. I used Adobe Audition and Reaper, but I felt like both were not fitting and were a tad bit too less professional. I want to record the microphone input and afterwards process it with an equalizer to boost bass lines or the treble - mixing in general; adding effects, etc. What kind of software, -both free and paid-, can you recommend?


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The best free Mac software to start with is Garage Band and then when you feel like you are reaching the limits of what it can do pay for Logic. Garage Band is actually really great for a free program. Or is it still free? I forgot. Anyway it has a ton of features. Logic is super cheap for all that it does as well. There are lot of other great software options as well. Ultimately you have to learns the ins and outs of the software you commit to. It also depends on your ultimate goal as well. If you are wanting to maybe get a job as a professional mixer down the line it would definitely help to learn something like Pro Tools. But that is expensive.

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