Please help me with my gcse music homework!! Here is the question I've been given;

How much time, in crotchet beats, does a crotchet triplet take up?


A triplet figure is assumed to have a 2:3 ratio of metric duration to notated duration under the triplet.

Remember that you can derive many of these rhythmic rules yourself by examining real music. A measure of 2/4 time, for example, will always contain a full half note of rhythmic duration: never more, never less. If a measure of printed music contains three eighth notes under a triplet plus two more eighth notes, you can set up a little rhythmic algebraic equation as follows:

3<triplet eighth> + 2eighth = half

Then solve for <triplet eighth>! A half = 4eighth, so if you subtract out the 2eighth from each side, you get:

3<triplet eighth> = 2eighth

Then divide each side by 3:

<triplet eighth> = (2/3)eighth

Who says algebra isn't useful for musicians? :-)

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