This question is mostly from sound production/synthesis/effects perspective. I would like to know how to achieve vocal effects usually heard in songs of Norah Jones. I am not sure how to describe it exactly so I have included a list sample songs. I'd say it sounds a little damp, short reverb like in small hall.

  • Happy pills
  • Flipside
  • Thinking about you

Hope I am not sounding too vague.


Happy Pills has a short 'slapback' delay on the vocals plus a subtle room reverb/ambience.

Flipside has some sort of compression on the vocals that add a tiny bit of breakup to the sound. This is combined with a stereo slapback delay (albeit subtle), and at times it sounds like the vocals are multitracked with subtle variances between the takes.

Thinking About You Again a subtle slapback delay and some room ambience, but more monaural than the other cuts.

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