I want to learn how to conduct - the technique, the mindset and the training. They dont teach conducting in the conservatorion where I am at, so my only options are the internet and books.

Could you list good sites or books for learning how to conduct?

Again, I am not looking only for technique - the mental aspect is more important for me.

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"The Art of Conducting" by Donald Hunsberger (longtime conductor of the Eastman Wind Ensemble) is typically the go-to textbook in university conducting courses. I've also heard great things about Joseph Labuta's "Basic Conducting Techniques."

For online resources, definitely check out Allan McMurray's website.

Lastly, though I'm not a conductor, I've gleaned a ton of information regarding the "mental aspect" just from reading about conductors. Sir Georg Solti's "Memoirs" and Michael Tilson Thomas's "Viva Voce" are two personal favorites.

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