My friend broke his guitar. It fell down and it broke near the tone control.

Can I in any way get it repaired? Here's a photo.enter image description here

  • Take it to a repair shop. At best it needs a new scratch-plate; we cannot tell any more from a photograph. – Tetsujin Nov 12 '16 at 15:06

At worst it'll need a new plastic scratchplate, which you could source, cut out, drill out for the pots and switch and screw holes.Or buy the correct replacement - quite available if it's a Strat, or Stratalike Not a difficult job for an inexperienced diyer, as it's only unscrewing - no soldering.

However, if you have all the bits, superglue would be a good move. Take the tone pot out first, though. It's all got to be unscrewed first. As a cheap and cheerful repair, a thin plastic or metal (aluminium?) plate could be fashioned to go under the tone pot position, and would hold in place with a couple of little screws.

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  • in 3d art classes, we used to buy a bunch of super cheap "for sale by owner signs" from the local hardware store, laminate them (glue them together), and then cut them to shape or heat-form them. Might be useful for this purpose. Then again,: mail-order a new one – Yorik Nov 15 '16 at 16:25

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