I'm thinking about getting a trumpet to practice at home for fun. I want to know what type of trumpet is best for me. I'm in 4th grade and need something to do at home. I need to know the difference between the different types of trumpets too. I am a beginner and know nothing about the trumpet. Please respond as soon as possible. Thanks.


First thing to do is find a teacher who can explain things a bit to you. And you absolutely will need a teacher or you'll give up in complete frustration.

Obviously you don't want a medieval straight, valveless trumpet :-) .

Your basic choices are either a trumpet or a cornet. They look almost the same, but the cornet is a bit easier to start out on and is slightly less strident/brash in sound. Then there's fancy stuff such as the flugelhorn or Drum&Bugle Corps-style marching bugles. Leave these for later.

In all likelihood you can find samples of all these variants on YouTube.

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    @MarcsTcidineb +1 to the teacher. Trumpet requires more basic technique than guitar or keyboard, if you want to get a sound out of the thing. If you (or your parents) can't afford private lessons, see if your school has a music program, or if there are any community concert bands around. They should be able to hire you a trumpet to start out with. I work with people your age in a band program, and it's great fun. Once you've got some experience, you can buy a shiny new (or used) trumpet for yourself. Good luck! – endorph Nov 17 '16 at 22:42
  • Thanks I will try your seggestion. My school does have a band program, but I'm too young. You have to be in 5th grade to do it. – Marcs Tcidineb Dec 10 '16 at 18:57

You need a Bb Trumpet. If you're offered a Bb Cornet it plays almost exactly the same. If you're aiming to join a certain band (and trumput on its own isn't much use or much fun) contact them now. They'll doubtless have a training scheme, maybe even an instrument loan one. At the very least you'll get good advice and some contacts for obtaining second-hand instruments.

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