I had my new electric guitar set up at a shop because it was a mess when I got it: action too high, minor fret buzzes and such. After it was returned, it was okay but I heard a rattling near the headstock (I suspect the truss rod was broken!)

But that aside, I didn't take it back and played with it intensively anyway and around 2 months later, the high E string buzzes when played in open, 1st, until 5th frets. It is very audible on clean or distorted but when distorted it sounds so horrible!

Note: There are also fret buzzes on most strings but it only buzzes when playing an open string in the high E.

What could be wrong and how do I fix this?

  • Maybe lift the strings a bit? – SovereignSun Nov 25 '16 at 16:56
  • If your truss rod is broken then your guitar has no future - I'd suggest it can't be that. Please have a read of the wide range of posts on buzzing strings over in the Related sidebar to the right. – Doktor Mayhem Nov 25 '16 at 17:31
  • thanks for the comments! im just confused cause I dont see other cases where the buzz happens on an open string :( – Gokigooooks Nov 25 '16 at 20:24
  • Difficult, without seeing it but try turning the nut on the truss rod - if it's loose, maybe it's broken. It needs the strings to be higher over the board, basically achieved by raising the saddles, taking the guitar to possible the action it had when new! That, and try packing the nut slots to raise the height of the offending open strings. Tiny slivers of wood will do for now, or even strips of paper. Possibly, this may not be in your remit, if so, back to the shop! – Tim Nov 26 '16 at 9:46

Check to make sure the frets arent popping up. If that isn't the issue, the groove that your high e rests in is to deep and you need to get the nut replaced (or shimmed and filed). I would take it to a different luthier this time.

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"Action height, fret buzz, truss rod, tuning, intonation, adjustments and guitar set up:

This video was done to answer a bunch of questions I get on how to fix fret buzz, intonation, action height, pickup height, truss rods etc. It is a little long winded, but if you can sit through it, it will save you money and frustration."

Also with the open-string buzz, ensure none of the frets are starting to pull or pop up out of the board on that string, if adjusting the action produces no results. Improper adjustment of or damage to the truss rod can do all sorts of funky things to the neck, if that is your issue. Honestly, sounds like it may just be time for a new axe...

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  • Lots of other great vids on youtube and other posts in this Q&A, on this subject... – Tim Burnett - Bassist Nov 26 '16 at 18:17

Aside from the fret buzz, if your truss rod is broken it CAN be fixed. This involves heating up the frets with an iron and levering the fretboard off. It's a big job, but not difficult if one is careful. It may only be worth it if the guitar is worth spending money on, because it would be a fairly expensive job for a luthier to carry out. But shop around and you may find a charitable type who could do it for you. I have done this on a custom guitar and thankfully it turned out just fine, so it can be done.

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