I am trying to tune my Washburn acoustic using a Stagg T-UC digital tuner, could use some help please

Manual for my tuner can be found here: http://www.globalcube.net/clients/staggmusicv2/content/medias/download/SUPPORT/USERMANUELS/TunerMetronome/TUC.pdf

Q: the tuner gives me the option to set the Scale to Bb, Eb, C or F - what do these mean, and which one should I select for standard tuning?

Fyi, I have the tuner set to 440 Hz


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Here's the key sentence:

This device allows a large variety of instruments to be tuned: woodwinds, brass, stringed instruments, etc.

That is, it allows instruments that are not concert pitch to be tuned in their native key. So, a trumpet would set it to Bb, a french horn to F, and an alto sax to Eb.

Guitar is a concert pitch instrument, so it should be set to C.

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