I'm not sure whether this is on topic here. Please direct me elsewhere if it isn't.

I wonder about the MIDI In port of the Launchpad Pro. From Ableton you can send MIDI messages to the Launchpad, specifically notes to light up the pads.

I wonder if this is also the only use of the MIDI In port.

What I want to do is built a Arduino-based MIDI controller that I can use with my Launchpad. It is supposed to send MIDI messages like Pitch Bend, Modulation or Sustain Pedal.

My question is:

If I send MIDI controller messages to the MIDI In port of the Launchpad would they be send to my computer / Ableton?

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Doesn't look it you can 'forward' midi messages from your Arduino to your computer via launchpad pro. Looks like you can only send sysex messages to light pad / scroll text ect

Can you perhaps multiplex the message to both your computer and the launchpad?

  • Well, it isn't completely clear to me from the document, but you are probably right. - I don't actually need to send any messages to the Launchpad, that's why I'm going to build my MIDI controller as a standalone USB device now. Dec 18, 2016 at 9:41

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