I just bought a Roland A-01k because I like the chiptuned sounds it makes, and I want to connect it to my mixer. Problem is, there's only a headphones jack! I tried connecting it like a line in device, but it's too quiet. When I connect it as a mic in, it works, but I have to boost the gain so much that it hisses. How do I get a clean sound into my mixer?

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Plug headphones into the output. Do they work? If so, I think the problem is with the cable you are using between the A-01k and your mixer. You need a stereo mini-jack leading to TWO normal jack plugs (or whatever your mixer takes). If there's any stereo information in the A-01k output, connect to TWO channels of your mixes, panned hard R and hard L. If not, you can use just one, ignoring the other.


After looking at the manual, not sure if this is what should be connecting to the mixer. This looks like a device that would connect to a keyboard, then you would connect the keyboard to the mixer. Not sure why you would want to connect a MIDI or DAW controller directly to a mixing board.

  • It has a built-in synth that I really like. So it does actually make sounds I can record.
    – Alex White
    Commented Dec 26, 2016 at 1:32

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