I have two Cort guitars with the same type of Floyd Rose bridge. One is about 5 years older than another. Each of them has the same problem. The saddles are worn due to friction with the strings. It makes them serrated like a saw. Then it breaks the string frequently and throws the remaining strings out of tune.

I go to a luthier and he strips smooth again, but it never lasts long and the problem returns. I use tape between the string and the saddle to improve the durability.

My question is, there's a way to fix it without throwing them away and buying some new ones ?


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Broken strings are a known risk with Floyd Rose tremolos. It doesn't seem to be particularly related to a worn saddle though.

The standard solutions seem to be:

  • taking care when tightening the screws
  • oiling the saddle
  • changing strings frequently

There are a couple of products designed to address the problem. "Saddle Singers" are inserts that sit between the string and the saddle. "String Savers" are replacement saddles.

  • I change my strings once each month and I use 11 gauge, it's a hard string. But I think that Saddle Singers is what I'm searching for. Thank you!
    – user1632
    Jan 11, 2012 at 9:53

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