I would someday like to learn Tchaikovsky's first Piano Concerto, and I am wondering how difficult it really is. It seems to have a reputation for being one of the hardest pieces there is, is this true?

I am currently working on Mozart's Turkish March, and I think that is a good representation of my level. Is it reasonable for me to attempt to learn it (the concerto) now, or should I wait?

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    I wouldn't call it one of the hardest pieces there are but it's certainly a lot more difficult than the Turkish March. That being said, try it out and see how you feel about it. You'll generally learn a lot when practicing pieces that seem to be way above your current difficulty level. However, make sure your hands don't cramp up when playing those fast chords and if you realize that it doesn't seem to be working out just put it aside and come back to it a little later when your general technique is a little better. – Keiwan Jan 11 '17 at 21:04
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    "I have just started training as a runner. I can currently run 100 meters in 20 seconds. Should I attempt a marathon now, or should I wait"? Seriously, unless you are a very quick learner, you are still years away from playing Tchaik 1 - and many pianists will never reach that level, but still have a lot of fun making music. – user19146 Jan 11 '17 at 23:05

I think you should try it. I always have 3 pieces going at once. Easy, medium and hard. The hard one is always a long term piece. It keeps me interested. As you work it in section, it makes it easier. If I get stuck because of technical problems or difficulty, I hold, research the problem and keep practicing till you got it. You'll find that your music knowledge and technique will improve, especially the technique.

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