I went to my local music shop and asked for my classical guitar to be restrung, and he made the 3 low strings steel and the high 3 nylon even though it's a nylon guitar.

Now the neck of my guitar is bent from the tension and I'm worried it will break.

What should I do now? I haven't tried any fix as I can't find one. I will be asking the shop about it in 1 week.

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    Chances are the low 3 strings are not steel - they're nylon wound with metal, which is how all nylon sets are. If they are indeed steel cored strings, someone's in trouble!! – Tim Jan 23 '17 at 21:03
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    Have you loosened the strings to see if the neck returns to the correct shape? – Todd Wilcox Jan 23 '17 at 22:51
  • Take them off immediately. The instrument isn't designed for them. And learn to restring it yourself. Purchase a string winder. – user207421 Apr 7 '19 at 4:50

Do not use steel strings on classical guitars! Remove them or else you may damage the guitar permanently. Classical guitars are intended to be used with nylon strings.

See this answer from another thread : Putting steel strings on a cheap nylon guitar


My classical guitar has an adjustable truss rod. Check if yours does. Perhaps a minor adjustment is all that's needed.

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