Hello this is my first question, i am new for music learning and i am practicing the song "close to you" by the carpenters and i'm wonder how is the composer choose these chords and what these chords function are, for example at verse "C-Bsus4-B7-Bm-Em-C-G" how's B7 and Bm chord come from? And where should I start to learn to learn about this topic, what is this topic called, what are the books's name. Thanks you in advance for any help.

  • Richard Carpenter talks about this in one of the Carpenters films, sorry, don't know which, though.
    – Tim
    Jan 31, 2017 at 8:26

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You are probably looking for harmonic analysis.

You can find most of the chords you mentioned in the G Mayor scale. How can you tell? You have a minor chord (Bm or III grade of G mayor) a half tone below a mayor chord (C or IV grade of G mayor). Bsus4 is just the III grade with an E (which already exists in the scale).

The one chord that escapes G mayor is B7 which tells us that the song modulated into a minor scale (better explained on the books :))

Any decent music theory book can help you understand scales and their chord structures. I personally liked Mark Levine's Jazz theory.

Hope it helps


This isn't a complete answer, because your question is fairly open ended.

In terms of theory, the progression is in Em, thus B is the dominant chord. Bsus4 maintains the E from the preceding C chord, B7 is the true dominant seventh and Bm is the minor dominant chord ('softening' the resolution), resolving to Em.

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