i am female 17 years of age. had no voice lesson but my lowest note possibly is d3 with vocal fry, ,my highest is c6 using head tone. where does my voice belong? (im gonna be joining a choir rfp)

In what section of the choir would I be likely to fit best?


If you don't trust your choir director to make a more qualified decision when listening to you than some random stranger on the Internet, we might be missing some crucial information here.

Like, is he/she legally deaf? Maybe the choir director has been abducted and the janitor is pitching in?

This kind of question pops up twice a month and cannot be answered successfully every single time, not least of all since there is no point in determining a voice's specialization before it has been in training.

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  • +points for dry humor. But if you can post a link to a dupe, those of us with "close" privilege will do so. – Carl Witthoft Feb 8 '17 at 12:49

If you can hit a genuine c6 that doesn't sound like a screech then pretty much any choir is going to want you as a soprano. Very little choir music (in the usual classical repertoire) calls for that note but you see it sometimes. Being able to produce it suggests that you can also handle the notes in the range just below it (G5,A5,B5) and many choirs struggle around there.

At the other end of your range d3 is good and would allow you to take part as a contralto but again you don't find parts going that low very often.

The top of your range would be more in-demand than the lower part I would expect. And, as everyone else has said, ask the choir director where he/she would like you to sing.

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  • I would also say that if your voice is strong but controllable throughout that immense range, then a good director will move you from section to section as the need arises for different pieces. – L3B Feb 8 '17 at 23:13

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