I wonder if I am reading it wrong, or if i need much more practice on this segment. It simply doesn't sound right when I play it. Can you help me expand this trill into actual notes on the sheet please? enter image description here

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These are how to play it and variations.

Trill as played


Note- the speed of the trill can be altered to suit the piece.


This documents that Mozart's trills started on the upper note, either directly or suspended. Also, the jump from G to E in Luke's answer is certainly wrong. I would suggest continuing to hold the G for one 16th, then FEF as equal 16ths.


You can listen to the previews for free on iTunes or any online music store.

Mitsuko Uchida and most performers play it as FGFGFEF: FGFGFEF

though it is also acceptable to play it as a turn (FGFEF): enter image description here


trill is a rapid oscillation between the written note and the note above. In the Mozart case, the F is expanded into FG, or FGFG if you like.

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