I am a right handed person. But my little and ring finger on the right hand are weaker than my left hand. There is a peculiarity about this. The 5-3 configuration (E-G in C major scale) on my right hand is VERY difficult to achieve. On my left hand I can strike 5-3 finger simultaneously quite comfortably with the 4 being up. This I can't do cleanly on my right hand. I have recurring tendonitis problem (both inside and outside) on my right elbow.

Any suggestion how I can deal with this?

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You probably have an alignment and fulcrum problem. This is something you need to work on with the guidance of a teacher. I'll include a link to a video but I strongly suggest you work with a teacher. Too often a student will try something they see and if they do it wrong in the slightest way, it can adversely affect something else. Since you already have ulnar issues, I would tread lightly.

  • Thanks for your post! Will check the video. I realise that the pproblem is with the 4th finger on the right which just does not lift up much. The left 4th is ok though. I am not sure if my tutor can fully address this issue. I intend to visit my physio to seek her opinion and help too.
    – Subir Nag
    Mar 14, 2017 at 4:48

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