We are going on multi-week road-trip in a little car. We literally have very little space for anything extra. However, we still would like to have a guitar with us.

Is there any standard non-pricey solution in this situation? Since we are most probably talking about body-less guitars, what to do with the sound? Are the solutions like VOX AC30 pocket amplifier good enough?


These guys seem to have the idea - including electrics & acoustics, but I'm not sure they're what you'd call 'cheap'. Basses too.

Snap Dragon Guitars
examples -

enter image description here enter image description here

PlayAwayGuitars do some more 'standard' types -

enter image description here

From comments, there is also the Steinberger 3GT - small-bodied, but not folding...

enter image description here

As for amps, I'll bet the Vox is better than my smallest amp [older technology, no modelling] which is literally built inside a Camel cigarette packet

enter image description here

One last thing - I've never heard the Vox amps, so I'm just guessing, but based on my 'camel' amp, if you want a sing-song round the camp fire, you're better off with an acoustic. My little amp is fine to entertain yourself, but singers could quickly drown it out.

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    The Vox is about a third of that size Tetsujin. You could also include the Steinberger G3T in your list. I take it travelling with me, as it is so compact. – Doktor Mayhem Mar 18 '17 at 7:54
  • Thanks for the answer. I consider "cheap" something around 150$ or 150€. – Maksim Sorokin Mar 18 '17 at 21:44

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