I sometimes see on youtube that guitarists play some chords and record them by using a pedal.

So, what is the device used to record chords as home backing tracks for my own solo playing?

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    It's a loop station and it's not cheap.
    – Tim
    Mar 27, 2017 at 7:05

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You're looking for a "looper". Those are hardware looper pedals and they start at around $100. If you already have some other means of triggering a MIDI note with your foot, you can also use a software looper of some kind.

Note that you may hear "looper" used in another context referring to a different kind of pedal. Pedal board "loop switchers" serve as routing controllers for large pedal boards so you can hook up a bunch of pedals and quickly switch between different routes without changing any cables. Those are also sometimes called "loopers". So just be aware that you're looking for the other kind.

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