I am using cubase with my Midi Keyboard M-Audio. i want to know a software with midi keyboard which convert my MIDI keyboard to an electronic keyboard. I want to say like two handed keyboard left hand chords and right hand lead and one touch button for changing instrument. I hope you understand what i want to say. Thank you.

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It sounds like you're looking for a software replacement for a workstation-style keyboard? A variety of patches and keyboard splits?

If you happen to use a Mac, Apple's MainStage is probably the cheapest ($30) and best option for this purpose. It's meant for live performance, comes with a variety of decent instruments, and you can create splits. But that's no help on a PC.

A general purpose workstation-style "rompler" could probably fit the bill. I have no specific recommendation other than a google search to get you started.

A step up from that in both quality and price would be to pick up an actual sampler instrument. Native Instruments Kontakt is a very popular option. You can buy third party sample libraries/instruments that will usually sound better than those in a general purpose rompler instrument. And you'll be free to create your own splits, etc in any way you please.

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