Well, I've heard sound would faint in bowed strings instruments if note played is too long, and player runs out of bow. Is this true? and at which tempo would this occur?

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    At some point you learn to smoothly reverse the bow so you can hold a note for as long as you want. – Todd Wilcox Apr 18 '17 at 4:16

It depends on the dynamic you are playing in, but you can maintain a good tone at a slow pace with practice. Louder volumes require more bow and limits the duration you can hold one bow stroke.

Practicing playing from frog to tip while keeping a steady count teaches your arm how fast it needs to go to maintain the bow for the duration required.

As commented by Todd, if you end up with a duration too long for you, changing the bow discretely on a beat is an acceptable technique.

I'm sure there are players that can hold a whole note at Grave without loss of tone.

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