I am trying to uninstall Sibelius on my friend's laptop, but there is no uninstaller file (according to the registry and add/remove programs). However, Sibelius is undoubtedly installed as system restore detects it (though it fails to undo the installation), and it can run. If I run the 8.2 installer, it says there is already a previous version installed and won't proceed. Could someone possibly upload their own uninstaller file for me?

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I had a similar experience with uninstalling Sibelius on my mac recently. Unable to find an uninstaller, I held my breath and moved it to the trash. There was a warning that some files might possibly be lost, but I went ahead and it worked a treat. I also note that Clean My Mac 3 (free trial version) does uninstalls. Not sure about PCs.

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    AppCleaner is completely free and also deletes all associated files (support files, caches, etc) the way CleanMyMac does. It doesn't do all the other stuff to free space, but for uninstalling you just drag the .app icon to it and it finds all the stuff associated with that app and deletes it for you. Hazel can do it too by watching the trash can for .app files, but I've found it to be a bit unreliable in that it doesn't always detect it. – user37496 Apr 29 '17 at 7:03

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