How do I remove the left hand of the piano in MuseScore and Finale? I want to listen to the separate score parts.


I can only answer the MuseScore portion of the question:

  1. With your score open, go to Edit -> Instruments.
  2. On the right-hand side of the pop-up window, select the staff that you want to remove. (In this case, it most likely says "Bass clef" under the "Piano" heading.
  3. Click Remove in the center column of this pop-up window.
  4. Return to the score. The staff has been removed and thus will not be a part of your playback.

In Finale, each staff is given its own audio channel. From Studio View (View -> Studio View) you have solo and mute buttons for each staff, and there's also a mixer window (Window -> Mixer) that you can operate from any view.

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