I want to put text in a repeat unfold in Lilypond without repeating the text, so that it only shows up on the first instance of the phrase. I can't put it on the previous note because the repeat phrase is the start of the piece. When I put it on a note in the repeat expression, the text appears above both instances of the note. I've also tried using a spaceing rest, but the duration of the invisible rest is added to the already full measure and causes other problems. Is there a way to make the text not repeat with the note?


You can make the text into a parallel music passage that doesn't use \repeat, for example

{ \new Staff {
  << { \repeat unfold 3 { c''4 d'' } }
     { s4^"foo" s4^"bar" }
  e'' f''
} }

It doesn't matter that the parallel passages are different lengths, as the example demonstrates.

enter image description here

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