I recently discovered that I need to replace the edge-knives on my chrome black EDGE III tremolo but I cannot find them on the Ibanez website nor on Ebay. Could anyone tell me where to buy them (online or in a shop)?

P.S. I live in Brussels, Belgium

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I don't believe that they are individually replaceable. I think you will have to order a complete replacement tremolo.

See this site, which says:

The knife edges of the trem become worn or damaged and require filing to get back to a proper knife edge. This is also rarely seen on Edge variants [except Edge3!] and some "mating" of the parts is actually preferred as they form to each other, and their specific use. Cheaper trems are more prone to wear. The same procedure as fixing a fat/flat knife edge, see this section to walk you through shaping the knives. Note, you do NOT want the knives sharp. You cannot replace knife edges if you screw them up or they're shot, Ibanez refuses to sell them, or the trem baseplates alone, you need to replace the bridge at that point.

Here is the knife edge-sharpening page mentioned.


Perhaps you'll have to order a new base plate.

Some people try to resharp their, but it has to be really well done, and will probably affect the intonation.

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