I read about a Native American Flute tuned to the Arabian Scale in the key of G. I know the NAF is tuned to a pentatonic scale but am not familiar with the Arabian Scale. Does it have 5 notes? 7 notes?


I would assume that the scale you are referring to would be:

G Ab B C D Eb F# G

It is also called Gypsy Major, and in music theory, it is often called double harmonic major.

Enjoy playing with it - it's a really fun sound!

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I googled and found an Arabic scale. In G , the notes would be G A B C Db Eb F G. A whole tone scale, except for the C put in extra instead of going B>C#/Db.

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  • O.k. if this is wrong, would the downvoter provide a more accurate answer, please, and reasons why it's unacceptable... – Tim Jun 16 '17 at 8:31

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