• Moog Sub 37
  • Kawai MP6
  • Arturia Drumbrute Manual PDF

How do I sync these three all together?

I want to Drumbrute to be the master.

When I connect the Drumbrute MIDI OUT to the Moog MIDI IN, it syncs but it also sends notes i.e. it play Moog Sub 37 notes.

I am pretty sure that I am missing out rather trivial MIDI chaining basics.

Any pointers to get me going will be appreciated.

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    Just make sure your "Midi In" plugs into your "Midi Out" and you should be good. – Kolob Canyon Jun 30 '17 at 16:47

In the Sub 37 MIDI menu, try changing the MIDI In Channel setting. If it is set to All, trying changing it to 1. If that still responds to DrumBrute notes try changing it to 2. If it is already set to 1, try changing it to 2.

Clock sync should work even if the channels don't match, because clock messages are not channel specific, but note messages are.

The Sub 37 PDF manual is available here: https://www.moogmusic.com/sites/default/files/SUB_37_MANUAL_v1.1_0.pdf

Page 35 has the MIDI menu instructions.

Press the MIDI button to open the MIDI MENU. This menu contains parameters associated with the sending and receiving of MIDI signals. When the MIDI button is illuminated the top right of the LED display will indicate which page you are on, followed by a decimal point, and then which parameter line you currently have selected. Use the [Up Arrow] [Down arrow] buttons to choose a parameter for editing, and the FINE TUNE knob to scroll through a selected parameter’s available options.

NOTE: You can also use the CURSOR button to select a parameter and the [Up Arrow] [Down arrow] buttons to step through the selected parameter’s available options. To exit a parameter, simply press CURSOR again.

If more than one page of parameters exists, continuing to press the [Down arrow] button will take you through the additional parameters and pages. If the MENU WRAP parameter (GLOBAL MENU) is OFF, the [Down arrow] button will stop working at the last parameter of the last page.

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