Is shielding in an electric guitar necessary if you only have humbucking pickups in it?

Also, would this be still useful if the guitar is chambered and the electric cavity is open to the inside of the guitar? ie Should the components be enclosed in a faraday cage? The reason I ask is that I have a guitar where the electrics are exposed, similar to a semi-acoustic guitar.


The shielding of the guitar can be performed once the source of noise problem is known, when it occur in relation to the ground connection, hum noise type, main causes:

  • Single coil pickups.
  • Use of effects (mainly distortion).
  • The quality of installation of the ground connection.
  • Poor quality of the wires.

The humbucking pickups produce less noise than the single coil but equally you may be having earth problems, in case you have hum noise or suspect you I recommend shielding. I personally always shield my guitars and a bass that I have.


Electrically speaking, ground loops in the building wiring, such as the room you're playing guitar in can be a main cause of static noise and hum also.

Use a portable a.m. radio around the room and see if you get a lot of static with the a.m. stations, this can be early indication of ground loops with in the premise wiring system. Of course you may use a gauss meter also.

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