How can I scale down/shrink everything that Lilypond is outputting so that I can fit more material on each page? I tried using

    #(layout-set-staff-size XX)

inside the \score{} block (where XX can be any number), to just change the staff size, but this screws up the overall look and relative dimensions, so it's not what I want.


I think that you want

#(set-global-staff-size XX)

Here is the lilypond 2.19 staff size documentation (also works in 2.18).

Note that you don't put this command inside the \layout block; the following is what I've tested/verified (v2.18) in constructing this answer:

#(set-global-staff-size 36 )
\relative c'{
  c d e g f g a c e e d2
  • "Here is the lilypond 2.19 staff size documentation (also works in 2.18)." I think this is a little confusing, since his example is the second option there. I had the same problem once I did not notice this was the 2.19 documentation and the second option is not working properly in 2.18 – nath Aug 16 '17 at 22:30
  • @nath I referenced the 2.19 (current) documentation, but on my own machine I'm running 2.18, so that is how I verified it. It worked for me. – Dave Aug 17 '17 at 0:30

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