I've got a remix I'm working on, and one of the steps is laying down some bass piano synth sounds.

I have the sound loop I want, it's a progressive sound loopable over 1 bar..

enter image description here

enter image description here

However, when I goto arrangement view.. I do not see the sample loop over 1 bar, and the midi just plays constantly over the entire track (which I don't want. I'm guessing since it's midi and not a clip.. I need to somehow translate that midi piano roll ?? This must have something to do with arming/disarming a track for recording..

enter image description here

Any insight appreciated, I want to just have 1 bar and I can pepper that bass loop later in places.. thank you

EDIT: I'm seeing in the demo video the guy right clicked in arrangement view and selected insert midi clip.. however I have no such option. Do I need to select something?


It's apparently important where you click, shout out Johey


I'm quite new to Live and I just discovered this problem. Sorry for bumping this old thread, but running the latest version of Live I am still affected. Anyone have more ideas?

Edit: Oh, gotcha! I was a little too quick to post, cause I found the reason the second after. To reproduce the problem, make a selection in an empty midi track. Right-click in the selection somewhere in the bottom of this selection. The context menu will not have the insert midi clip option. However, if you right-click just in the top of the selection, then voila!

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