I'm working on this part of Dance With the Devil (Braking Benjamin)

I can show you that, I can see right through all your empty lies

The vocaloid synthesizer Miku that I'm working with wants to pronounce "through" th r o-- ("soft" th and r), and I want to make th and r noticeable and have a consonant at the end to cut it off.


"Th R O-- (gh)"

Instead of

"th r O--"

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    Is there any dialect or accent in which the gh of through is pronounced? Which consonant do you want it to have? F as in enough?
    – phoog
    Feb 23, 2021 at 10:33

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I believe this can be accomplished by creating an unregistered word and then directly editing the phonemes for it.

To create the desired custom pronunciation of "through", you would invent a nonsense word (say, "ZQX") and then specify the phonemes, which would be something like [Dru:] (IPA: ðɹu) plus your consonant of choice to end it.

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