I have an issue with the score display in Logic Pro X (10.3.2).

Consider the following chords (F#m and E6) that last a full bar each:


When switching to the score representation, I see the following:


and if I add a new bar, I get this:

Empty bar

While it's accurate, it doesn't make sense to display it that way.

Is there any reason for this?

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    Logic pro isn't really for engraving sheet music so quirks like this are somewhat understandable. It's more normal than the "chord detector" they have.
    – Dom
    Sep 6 '17 at 15:52
  • There is so many bug in all that software that this is just a little issue. Sep 6 '17 at 16:57

What I can gather visually, your new bar contains a simplified rest notation rhythm as the second bar of your chords, specifically, there you have an E6 chord rhythmicised as dotted quaver + two 16ths + a half note, which is more accurately represented as in the second bar, namely, quaver + dotted 8th + 16th + half note.

It seems like the chord notation got messed up somehow, but you can try to repair it with view parameters.

  • How can the view parameters fix it? I've toggled some of the settings back and forth, but to no avail
    – Thomas
    Nov 7 '17 at 0:56
  • @Thomas have you tried using separate duplicate that's quantized? It helps with scoring view Feb 2 '21 at 1:39
  • that issue ended up being random; some changes in the project would trigger a different representation.
    – Thomas
    Feb 3 '21 at 14:49

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