While producing a new track, the need arose to find a very specific one-shot snare drum sample. Unfortunately, the sample I got is polluted with an unwanted triangle sound, so I will need to find another one that sounds as similar as possible. It must have:

  • low resonance or no resonance at all
  • very sharp transient
  • short duration of the overall sample (more "BUTZ!" instead of "Burrrrzz")
  • spectral charateristic and development of spectrum as close as possible to the original.

Can anyone point me to a specific sample that gets close or knows where to look for it? Is this from a specific drum computer? I already thought this sound might be from a drum synth cause it's almost completely lacking reso. The source of the sample is an 80s disco track.

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I think I finally got the sound after hours of research: It's from an Oberheim DMX! Babäim!

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