march piece

Is it a pickup, an alteration of some sort? The time signature in the proper part (manuscript) is 2/4. This part is a trio in a march and it looks like the time signature is modified without showing but I can't figure out how or what. Anybody got any ideas?

Below is what I'm getting with the 2/4 time signature.

what I am getting


My guess is that this is what you're looking for:

enter image description here

The first three notes that are smaller are called grace notes. They are usually played slightly before the beat.

This is my guess because the two quarters with the two quarter rests take up the whole measure (if it is 2/4)

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Looks like a three-note acciaccatura to me (I just hacked your bitmap to make it clear).

enter image description here

Apart from the three note acciaccatura, there are four eighth notes in the bar, which is correct for 2/4 time signature.

If the music were typeset, the acciaccatura would have smaller noteheads.

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