I'm having a hard time on deciding how to clean this up (piano in 5/4):


This is a possibility:

enter image description here

But it's so ugly. And not necessarily more readable I think. But it is simpler. What do you think is the best way to clean this up?

  • Grace note the Ab/G#.
    – Tim
    Oct 10 '17 at 7:55
  • A third stave perhaps for the top line? The alignment of rests and notes is what strikes me as awkward and the third stave would clear that up. Just a thought.
    – JimM
    Oct 10 '17 at 8:14
  • 1
    The second one isn't readable at all. It looks like you have 6 beats on the top staff and 5 on the bottom one. (Ah... I just realized the second "quarter rest" is actually an arpeggio sign!) And why are the G#-B half-note heads smaller than the C half-note that follows them?
    – user19146
    Oct 10 '17 at 8:21
  • Yes, the 2nd arpeggio is really unclear. The noteheads are smaller to indicate they should be played less loud/unaccented. But thats's not clear apparently...
    – Creynders
    Oct 10 '17 at 10:17
  • I often suppress rests in secondary voices if they are not necessary. Could that help clean it up? What about putting the whole note G in the treble clef in the bass clef instead (I.e., with leger lines) and either leave it to the player to choose fingering or put a "with r. h." notation on it? Oct 10 '17 at 10:31

I will start with the second image since it is simpler to begin with.

There are a few issues I noticed:

  1. The second chord is smaller in size.
  2. The proximity of G and G# on the score.
  3. The rest above the first chord is confusing.

I would move the first chord entirely to the lower score, even if the upper note (G) is meant to be played by the right hand:

enter image description here

Alternatively you may consider changing G to a 1/4 note, which would sound the same (if playing with pedal is assumed):

enter image description here


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