What does E+ mean? I am playing Some Enchanted Evening and this is added along with a C note.


The + signifies that the 5th is "augmented" or raised a half step. So "E+" indicates an E augmented triad.

An E (major) triad is:

note | E | G# | B degree | 1 | 3 | 5

But an E augmented triad has a raised 5th:

note | E | G# | B# degree | 1 | 3 | #5


It's simply they symbol for an augmented chord which contains a root, Major 3rd, and an Augmented 5th. The note would not be a C, but a B♯ since the 5th of an E chord is some type of B rather than some type of C.

Here's what it would look like in close position:

V:1 clef=treble
"E+"[E G ^B] |

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