I am a beginner in music. Is there a way to represent repetition of a music piece with a different voice(s). Eg: Let a music piece be like { CCD DDE EEF G... ..CDE DE } I want the whole piece be first played with say a piano.. Once it is done (Then it is easy to repeat the same piece with piano again but here) I want a different instrument like a guitar/flute to repeat playing the same notes from start to end. how to represent repeat notes with next intrument/voice in sheet music?

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    Bear in mind that other instruments may necessitate a key change in the dots - even guitar will need '8va'. – Tim Nov 14 '17 at 17:30

The best way to 'represent repetition of a music piece' is with standard notation. Here are two ways to represent what you're asking for. The first would be best for a keyboard player selecting first a Piano then a Flute sound. The second would be appropriate where there was both a Piano player and Flute player. They could even play together as well as separately!

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The least confusing would be to use multiple staffs, one for each instrument, laid out down the page. Pad each staff out with rests whenever any given instrument isn't playing.

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