To my ears there is a difference in my voice's timbre if i sing sitting down compared to when i sing standing up (i realize this might sound a bit weird). In fact, i like the sound better when sitting down, and therefore i'd like to figure out what's making the difference (besides the obvious) in order to be able to control and recreate that sound regardless of how i sit or stand.

The only thing i can think of is that the body posture sitting down might create a different type of airflow pressure, but i'm really at loss for a good explanation.

Any hints/ideas, or do i simply have to accept that the only difference is that i'm sitting down?


It would be to do with the way your diaphragm and thorax changes shape in a sitting position. I think you're right about the pressure. When sitting, the pressure of your thorax (chest cavity area) moves lower down perhaps producing this timbre you like the sound of.

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