This is not about a situation where the condition of the teeth cause physical discomfort to the individual nor is it a situation where they are wearing braces or retainers.

Do misaligned or missing teeth affect singing negatively?

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    I don't think getting wisdom teeth pulled affects your singing, so clearly there's a limit as to which teeth affect singing negatively once lost. However, lacking incisors will affect your ability to say certain consonant sounds (such as "s" and "th"). – Dekkadeci Jan 1 '18 at 3:56

Only as far as the front teeth - top in particular - will cause some sibilant type sounds to come out strangely, but I guess that when that problem is worked on enough, it can be overcome.


Singing is less definitely affected than reed instrument playing. Try finding a photograph of Freddy Mercury showing his teeth such as this.


On my top row of teeth, my lateral incisors: (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Teeth_diagram.png)

are higher than they should be. Additionally, I have quite a large overbite.

I sang small vocal jazz ensemble in high school and in college and these issues have never negatively affected me in any way that I have noticed. Incidentally, I also played baritone saxophone in high school and in college, and never noticed a problem there, either.

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