I just went through four of my foot pedals and each one works when the effect is engaged. But when the footswitch is clicked... silence. I can't believe all three miraculously have this exact same problem at once. I am using a wall adapter rated at 9.6 volts DC, an older cable connected to the input, and a short cable for the output. Like I said, the sound and effect worked when the effect is engaged, but when the effect is turned off, there is no guitar.

What is the solution to this problem?

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This is hard to answer without details on the actual pedals, but here is my theory:

3pdt (foot)switches, like in "true bypass" pedals, have a reputation for being unreliable. If you are attempting a DIY repair on a pedal like this, that's where i would look first.

In case the signal runs through a buffer when bypassed, check if the buffer circuit works properly, commonly a capacitor will dry up, or a bad solder joint will degrade over time.

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