I'm wondering if it's possible to get what is essentially a classical guitar that can support both nylon and steel strings?

I know you wouldn't want to put steel strings on a classical due to risk of warping the neck, however my friend had some Canadian made guiatar (I think it was an Art & Lutherie) which was the size of a classical (small body and wide neck) which he used both types of strings on, which had no warping issues - whether it was built to support this is another matter. It also had possibly one of the best sounds I've ever heard from an acoustic.

If anyone knows of some good guitars that are built for both nylon and steel string use, preferably with a built in mic/pickup, around £500ish, if appreciate some advice.

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  • We don't do product searches or recommendations here. Perhaps you've lost touch with your friend and that's why you haven't simply asked them what guitar they have? I haven't heard of a guitar that works as well with either type of string. My guess is that the construction to make steel strings sound best would overly mute nylon strings, but I could be wrong. Also, usually the playing style and therefore the neck geometry is very different. There are guitars built to take nylon strings that have a more steel string body style, though. – Todd Wilcox Jan 26 at 21:06

Not sure if this answers you question in any way, but there are special "steel strings" on the market that are made to be used on nylon guitars. They are using less tension and will not ruin your instrument. The guitar will not sound as "brilliant" as a real steel-string guitar, but definitely a different flavor for a nylon instrument. I bought them once for my sister and she was pretty happy with them. I also liked to play them, since I do not really like to play steel-string-guitars due to the hard tension, this was quite a nice experience.

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