I am interested in performing and composing in non-twelve tone scales, such as 19-EDO (aka 19-TET) or 31-EDO (aka 31-TET). While there are virtual synthesizers that allow you to play microtonal scales, all virtual synthesizers I have seen have 12 notes as part of their user interface. It also seems like all MIDI sequencers have 12 notes in their interface.

For 19-EDO, I want to be able to play 19 keys per octave on a virtual piano as in the image below!

enter image description here

Is writing on a single piano roll with 19 notes per octave possible in any existing software? Are there virtual synthesizers with a controllable number of keys per octave?

The hacky solution I have working right now uses Propellerhead Reason with the Microtune plugin and the Distributor via this Youtube Tutorial. For 19-EDO (and any tuning with between 12 and 24 notes per octave) I use two differently tuned virtual instruments to play all the notes in one octave! For 19-EDO, I have one tuned for the 12 black keys and one instrument for the 7 white keys.

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For sound sources you can find information here. In my opinion, u-he plugins are especially great.

As for visual feedback - you can change your pianoroll layout to different tunnings in Reaper.

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