(This is my first post here so please be lenient :) )

Background: I am a pianist and recently, I have become a [classical] singer.

Recall the Henle 'Levels of Difficulty' rankings for piano pieces, found here. I am looking for something similar for (classical) songs.

(Please try to keep discussion away from 'music cannot be ranked,' for yes, I know this fully well. I am just looking for a relatively general guide to repertoire difficulty.)

Thank you!

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    Have you looked at the pieces set for the various grades of ABRSM exams? They might give you some pointers
    – JimM
    Mar 1, 2018 at 7:43

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Welcome! Providing lists and song titles is outside the remit of this site, however, check various exam boards syllabi. World wide. JimM has suggested a U.K. based board - there's also Trinity and LCM here, and undoubtedly each state in U.S. has there own take on this. I know there are several in Oz also. Google is your saviour!

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