What I'd like to do is this:
-Plug my guitar into the instrument input on the Alpha
-Plug 3.5mm headphones into the headphone jack on the Alpha
-Record my guitar with audacity WHILE listening to spotify or youtube on the computer (the sound coming through the headphones on the Alpha though)

I've tried this, but when i click record - I either get a fuzzing sound, or the whole track is extremely slow after recording.

Is there any way I can listen to backing music through the same headphones as I listen to me playing guitar? Is this possible?


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I can't speak to Audacity or your specific interface, but I do know two things that may be helpful.

First, if the playback speed is wrong that sounds like your sample rate is set wrong. In other words you're recording at a different sample rate than the source (ex. Spotify) is playing at.

Second, sometimes recording system audio requires or benefits from an app that acts as kind of a virtual patch cable. For instance, on Mac, there's Audio Hijack (records directly) and/or Loopback (routes system audio so you can record with another app). I have no problem recording into Live or Logic from Spotify or YouTube using this method. I'm sure there's probably something similar available for Windows.


Spotify, as well as youtube, doesn't want you saving anything to disk, but if you find the file somewhere (for example, a CD), you can import it into a new track in Audacity and play along to that. If nothing else, you can always record the song through the "analog hole" i.e. headphone output and import that recording.

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