I'm planning on composing a piece for bassoon and flute. I want to use the whole tone scale mixed with lydian. What are some good practices to come up with melodies?

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  • spend N hours noodling around on the said instruments (where N is some large positive integer). this helps ensure that the melodies are at least playable (by you, at least). (if you collect data from this you could feed a markov engine...)
  • steal adapt from existing melodic materials (see: Stravinsky and the Rite of Spring) for example from folk sources. may run you into copyright troubles depending on what you steal adapt. whole tone scales notably feature in music from around the 1900s which may or may not be under the iron copyright curtain? (check with a lawyer if concerned)
  • use an algorithm to generate the melody (restricted ideally to what notes the instruments can actually play). markov chains or fractals are two among many ways of doing this. these may however be difficult to play

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