I was considering trying out the Ernie Ball electric guitar string set because what I've been hearing about them. I've been using D'addario. I saw on the company's mainsite that they had a newer version and classic version of the Power Slinky strings 2250.

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There is a difference in types of strings, the materials used to manufacture strings, the string gauges may vary, the windings on the strings can be made of different materials, there are round wound, flat wound, zebra wound, and more. Every little variation can affect the sound and either compliment or detract from the over all sound of the instrument and your playing style. It is generally accepted that each player should experiment with different strings and choose what suits their instrument and style of playing


As I understand it, the regular mainstream style is made of "nickel-plated steel wire" (2220 Nickel Power Slinky Purple) while the retro version out now is made of "pure nickel" (2250 Classic Power Slinky).

It will come down to your own personal preference on which one makes you the happiest.

As for me, I love the bright pink packet of Ernie Ball Slinky's the Super Slinky's, 9's-thru 42's.

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