I'm writing some exercises, one per line, and I would like to write a number before each one.

I can't figure out how to do that, so a little help would be appreciated!

My code is pretty simple :

\language "english"
\header {title = "C Major"}

  \time 4/4
c' d' e' f' d' e' f' g' e' f' g' a' f' g' a' b' g' a' b' c'' a' b' c'' d'' b' c'' d'' e'' c'' d'' e'' f'' 

  \time 4/4
f'' e'' d'' c'' e'' d'' c'' b' d'' c'' b' a' c'' b' a' g' b' a' g' f' a' g' f' e' g' f' e' d' f' e' d' c' 
  • \markup allows arbitrary text (above or below) which should work fine. But I would definitely add note lengths and bars, and I can't imagine, that your apostrophes are as intended (at least if relative notation is used, which simplifies the source somewhat).
    – guidot
    Commented Apr 1, 2018 at 20:45

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If you want to number the staves automatically, you can write some Scheme and label each staff with instrumentName = #(score-number):

\version "2.19.81"

#(define sn 0)

#(define (score-number)
   (set! sn (1+ sn))
   (string-append (number->string sn)))  % "."

\new Staff \with { instrumentName = #(score-number) } { \time 4/4 c' d' e' }

\new Staff \with { instrumentName = #(score-number) } { \time 4/4 c' d' e' }

enter image description here


The standard way of putting anything before a staff is by setting its instrumentName property.

You can put

\set Staff.instrumentName = "1"

into the music, or declare the staff adding a 'with' clause:

\new Staff \with { instrumentName = "1" } { \time 4/4 c' d' e' }

\new Staff \with { instrumentName = "2" } { \time 4/4 f'' e'' d'' }

example rendering of the above lilypond code

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